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A Purely Local Small Business Heating & Cooling Company with Strong Values at its Core

Humble Beginnings

All-Air Systems grew out of the owner’s pursuit to one day take his years of experience as a heating and cooling technician and start his own company.

The goal was to become a top rated home services provider known for its:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability, and
  • Quality Work

All the Conveniences of a Large Company without the High Prices

As a result of hard work and honest dedication to customers through the years, All-Air Systems has built a strong team of technicians and support staff.

We have also incorporated the same types of business and customer service systems as the larger companies. These systems allow us to provide the best experiences for our customers. These include:

Scheduling and Dispatching Software for Customer Convenience

Updating and Confirmations Before Tech Arrivals

Accurate Estimates Provided at the time of the Visit

Sercure Customer Portal to Make Payments and Review Service History

Online or Time of Service Payment by Check or Credit Card

Customer Financing for large Repair and Replacement Jobs

Our Value Proposition

Higher Quality & Higher Value at Lower Costs to You

We do not do gorilla sales tactics

No Gorilla Sales Tactics

We do not practice aggressive sales tactics that other companies use only to increase their bottom line. In fact, many of our competitors base their entire business model on various sales tactics. They do this because they are usually under pressure to grow their revenues exponentially year after year. So, they train their staff to “upsell” and “cross sell” regardless of whether the customer will truly receive any real benefit. This practice is detrimental to homeowners as they rely on the advice they are given. As a result, the homeowner ends up spending more money for features they do not need or did not want to begin with.

Definition of “Upselling” – a sales technique where a seller tries to sell more advanced or expensive products than the product the customer initially decided to buy for the purpose of increasing the average sales value of a customer.

No Commission Based or Flat Rate Pay for Techs

We do not pay our technicians by commission or a flat rate per task. We pay our techs on an hourly basis determined by the time on the clock. When tech pay is based partly on comissions, there is incentive for them to upsell and cross sell when it is not beneficial to the customer.

Alternatively, paying technicians a flat amount per job is also a bad idea because this can lead to cutting corners to get jobs done quicker at the expense of a good quality job for the customer.

Say no to Flat Rate Worker Pay
Keep your Money local by supporting small business
Higher overhead costs equals higher consumer prices

No Shareholders. No Franchise Fees = ↓ OH = ↓ Prices

We do not pay franchise fees and we are not controlled by an out of state corporate owner. We are an independently owned purely local small business. This is important to you for 2 significant reasons:

  1. Our operating overheads are lower. For example, we never paid an upfront franchise fee or had to finance it. Also, we do not have to pay a royalty of our annual income to an out-of-state franchise owner. These are 2 overhead costs we never have to pass along to our customers.
  2. All of our business decisions are made locally here in Maryland. As such, we are not moving funds out of state and out of our community to shareholders or corporate officers elsewhere. With us:
    • you pay less with less parties involved, and
    • your money stays local.

Typical Costs* of Franchise HVAC Companies:

1. Initial Franchise fee: $50,000

2. Continuing Annual Royalty fee: 10% of revenue. Example: Earn $500,000 in annual sales revenue and pay the out-of-state franchise corporate owner $50,000 a year.

*These costs are carried down to the end consumer homeowner in the form of higher prices.

Our Guiding Principals


We understand that trust must be earned. It is earned when actions meet words. Allow us to earn your trust through professionalism, honesty, and long term reliability. We believe in doing the right thing always.



When you are without heat or air conditioning, you need help right away. You require immediate attention. You can call us and know that we treat your situation seriously. We are here for you day and night.


7 days a week

365 days a year



We take great pride in our work and appreciate that it is the level of effort and craftsmanship that produces a great work product. It is our goal to install systems that will stand the test of time by following or exceeding industry standards, and providing exceptional diagnostics.

Licensed and Insured in Maryland & Pennsylvania

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