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Air conditioning & Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintenance Improves AC & Heat Pump Operation

Improved Efficiency

Dirty coils can cause a lack of heat absorption and heat rejection. As a result, the system pressure will be higher and the system compressor motor will run longer therefore increasing your energy consumption.

A low refrigerant charge can also reduce your air conditioner or heat pump efficiency. Without the proper refrigerant charge, the system will lack the rated capacity for your home. Reduced capacity will mean the unit will have to run longer than typically required.

Improved Health and Comfort

Indoor evaporator coils can get dirty and clogged from continuous run time. This can even be the case when air filters are used because of air getting around the air filters from unsealed gaps. Without routine maintenance, the coils can promote mildew and otherwise have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

During a routine maintenance, a trained technician can identify when a certain environment might necessitate the use of a UV light or air scrubber.

Increased System Longevity

When your air conditioner or heat pump receives routine planned maintenances, the coils, air filters, and blower motor wheels are clean of debris. A lack of build up allows your unit to operate under lower pressures and less stress and within normal operating conditions.


Dirty evaporator coil

AC & Heat Pump Maintenance Involves Several Tasks

Your AC or Heat Pump Will Receive The Following Services During the Scheduled Maintenance:


Cleaning or Replacing Air Filters


Inspecting and Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Coils


Checking and Cleaning the Condensate Drain


Examining the Thermostat


Inspecting Refrigerant Levels


Examining Ductwork


Checking and Tightening Electrical Components


Lubricating Moving Parts


Inspecting and Balancing the Blower


Inspecting the Outdoor Unit


Checking Insulation


Measuring Airflow


Testing System Controls


Inspecting the Fan Blades

Mini split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Maintenance

You can’t clean what you can’t see

It’s true – you don’t know what you can’t see. Many people who have mini spit equipment in their home do not realize how dirty the units can get. This is because you can’t see the dirty condition unless you take the indoor units apart. Taking apart the indoor units during a scheduled maintenance allows the homeowner to see the level of grime. It also allows the maintenance technician the ability to thoroughly clean all the components and areas.


Properly Trained Technicians

Our maintenance technicians are trained on how to properly take apart and clean the various brands of mini split ductless units.

Dirty mini split
Cleaning mini split during hvac maintenance
Mini split after cleaning

When is a Good time to Schedule your A/C or Heat Pump maintenance?

Just Before Winter

Air conditioner and heat pump maintenances can be performed once or twice a year.

Performing a maintenance in the Fall is a good idea to make sure the system is ready for the cold weather. This will cut down on the chance of a winter time break down. That is the last time you want your system not working.


Just Before Summer

Performing a maintenance in the Spring is a good idea to make sure the system is ready for the hot and humid weather. This will cut down on the chance of a summer time break down. During the spring maintenance, the maintenance technician will operate the system in cooling and take air and refrigerant readings to make sure it is running at optimal performance.


Schedule your heat pump and ac maintenance

two main reasons for hvac Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance not only ensures that your system works efficiently but also helps in identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems, saving you money on repairs and energy bills.


Ideally, you should plan ahead when scheduling the maintenance for your central air conditioning and heat pump system. This will ensure that you get your maintenance scheduled on a day and time you prefer. Calling in to schedule a month ahead of time would be good practice.

Should necessary repairs or an ac or heat pump replacement need to be made, there will be time to complete them and your air conditioning or heating will not be compromised by any downtime.

Two ways to Schedule your AC or Heat Pump Maintenance


Sign up for a Membership Maintenance Agreement Plan.

Receive membership perks


Book a maintenance without a Membership Maintenance Agreement

This is for just a 1 time maintenance.

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