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Boiler Installation Services

We provide Complete Boiler Replacement Services

Isolate, Drain, and Haul Away your Old Boiler

We start your boiler replacement by draining your hydronic heating loop. Next is isolating off the existing supply and return piping. Finally, the boiler is disconnected from the water make-up, power and control wiring, and the flue. The boiler is then removed and hauled away.

We use drop clothes to keep your house clean. We also clean up after working and take measures to make sure the construction mess does not track through your home.

All-Air Systems replacing an old cast iron boiler
installing near boiler piping on a new boiler install

Installing the New Boiler with all New Boiler System Components and Startup

The new boiler is set in place and the work is done to connect the new boiler to the existing piping in the house.

Our boiler installation technicians are trained to install every necessary aspect for the new boiler. 

New components and near boiler piping is installed. This includes:

  • circulators
  • zone valves
  • zone controller
  • expansion tanks
  • air scoops and vents
  • low water cut off (LWCO)
  • backflow preventer
  • water feeder
  • aquastats

The Future of Boilers – We Install High Efficiency Boilers

Heating Only Boilers

Our boiler crews are experienced and trainted to install serveral types of high efficiency boilers that provide long lasting comfortable heating.

Oil Boilers – Boiler manufacturers have made advancements with oil boilers to increase their efficiencies. These boilers can reach up to almost 90% efficiency.

Gas / Propane Boilers – These boilers can reach efficiencies of up to 97%. With the use of advanced technology and outdoor reset, only the exact amount of heating is produced for your home. More of your heating dollar is actually used to heat your home instead of being sent out the flue.

Our boiler team has every aspect of high efficiency boiler installation covered.

High efficiency heating boiler

We Install High-Efficiency COMBI Boilers

Bosch Greenstar Combi boiler installed

High-Efficiency Boiler Service

We also install the combi boilers. Combi boilers are called “combi” because they are a combination unit. They heat your home and make your domestic hot water for showers and faucets.

These boilers are able to achieve high efficiencies as a result of the condensing nature of the flue gases. The flue gases of combustion are actually used to provide further heat before exiting out the exhaust to the outside.

We are certified dealer installers for several brands of combi boiler systems, including:


Importance of Boiler Maintenance – Protect your Investment


For more information on boiler maintenance, see our boiler maintenance page.

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