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Expert Furnace Installations in Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Maryland and Nearby Areas

We start your furnace replacement by looking at your home and confirming the correct size heating btu you require. Next, working with you, we select the perfect new furnace that meets your requirements and your budget. Then, the furnace is disconnected from the existing duct work, power and control wiring, fuel piping, and the flue. The furnace is then removed and hauled away. We sweep and vacuum clean all the old rust and debris.

Our team of expert installation technicians then install the new furnace replacing all deteriorated parts to arrive at a brand new heating system.

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All-Air Systems is a Top-Ranked Heating Home Services Provider in Balitmore, Anne Arundel County, and Surrounding Counties

What are the types of home heating furnaces?

Oil Furnaces – these furnaces use a burner that injects and ignites #2 diesel oil into the heat exchanger of the furnace. These furnaces are capable of producing the highest supply air temperature. This temperature can typically reach 130 F. Due to the burning of a vaporized liquid diesel fuel, the exhaust and flue will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. The inline oil piping oil filter will require changing an a periodic basis; usually annually. In addition, the oil burner will require recommended annual inspection and maintenance. Maintenance will include checking the sequence of operation of the burner. Also, the oil pressure that the oil pump produces should be verified. It is also a good idea to pull the ignitor and and oil nozzle to clean it or to replace it if it is too gunked up.

Gas Furnaces – these furnaces use a gas valve and ingnitor or spark component to create a flame. The gas travels down a manifold and split out into several burners. The flames are pulled into a heat exchanger by a combustion fan which in turn heats the heat exchanger where can be transfered to the air. These gas furnaces are available in varying efficiency levels up to 98% efficient. Gas furnaces will have either a single or two stage gas valve. The exhaust which gets rid of the combusion gasses can be either metal and inserted into a chimney or plastic and installed through the side of the house. Two stage gas valves and plastic flue piping indicates that the furnace is a higher efficiency furnace. Although these gas funaces cannot produce as much heat as an oil furnace, they can produce the second hottest air more so than heat pumps.

oil fired furnace
Gas furnace

All-Air Systems installs all types of furnaces.

Trane and American Standard Furnaces
Goodman Furnaces
Carrier Furnaces
Airtemp Furnaces

We also perform conversions from oil to gas and from fossil fuel furnaces to heat pumps.

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