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Maintenance Improves Furnace Efficiency

Dirty Heat Exchanger and Heating Surfaces

From repeat firing and burning of fuels inside the furnace during the heating season, the heat exchanger will form a layer of combustion byproducts. This will insulate the heat exchanger and reduce the transfer of heat. As a result, the furnace will run longer and consume more fuel to heat your home.

Furnace maintenance includes inspection and cleaning of the heat exchanger. Periodic cleaning prevents a perminent build up that cannot be removed if cleanings are not skipped year after year.

Furnace gas valves

As part of the furnace inpsection our technicians perform a gas pressure analysis to make sure the furnace is operating safely and that the proper amount of gas is being delivered to the furnace for optimal efficiency and gas bill savings.

Furnace oil components

Oil fired furance maintenance can include checking for oil leaks, replacing the oil filter, measuring that the correct oil pressure is being delivered to the burner, proper pump and fan operation, cleaning the ignition and spark components, replacing the oil nozzle, cleaning combustion areas, flue checks, and confirming proper sequence of operation that the furnace components are operating correctly.

All-Air Systems performs 2 types of Furnace checkup Services

Furance Tune-Ups

A furnace tune-up is not a maintenance. A tune-up is a less expensive service that does not involve the complete list of furnace maintenance tasks. The purpose of the furnace tune-up is to make sure the furnace is safely operating and to make note of and report any visible deficiencies. The heating technician will recommend repairs or maintenance based on what they find during the tune-up and on the age and condition of the furnance.

Furance Maintenance


Clean and inspect the heat exchanger for wear and tear


Check and clean the burner assembly


Ensure all electrical wiring is intact and fuel pipe connections are secure


Clean, flush and inspect condensate systems


Make sure the system fires up properly, by testing and clean sensors, ignitor, and burner assembly


Check the venting system for deterioration, corrosion, or blockage


Check settings and test safety and operating controls


Replace the oil filter if applicable


Check for correct furnace operation once the furnace has been cleaned and examined

Perform a combustion analysis when appropriate

Why Furance Maintenance is Important

Furnace Parts that require checks

It is a good idea to perform furnace maintenance an a regular basis:


To make sure the furnace is operating safely.


To change air and oil filters.


Take carbon monoxide readings. These readings make sure your family is not being exposed to harmful fuel burning gases. This can be a result of a cracked heat exchanger or fauly flue piping or proper draft.


To clean or replace flame rod sensors in gas furnaces. These sensors get a build up of oxidation from constantly being in the flame of the furnace when it is heating. This part takes heavy abuse and when fouled it fails to signal to the furnace to continue heating. As a result, the furnace flame will continue to go out and you will be left with no heat. 


The air intake pipe or vent could be clogged causing your system to occasionally stall out or lock out which will leave you without heat.


Look for conditions that are evidence that certain parts are worn and that should be replaced before they fail and leave you with no heat when you need it most on the coldest days.

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All-Air Systems Services all Furnace brands in Baltimore, Anne Arundel County and Nearby Areas

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When Should Your Furnace get Maintenance?

Your furnace can be maintenanced at any time, but furnace maintenance is something you typically want to schedule in advance. So, it is best to schedule the servicing at a time you rely less on heating.

Ideally, you should think about scheduling the maintenance toward the end of the summer or early fall before you start using the furnace for the upcoming heating season.

Should necessary repairs or a furnace replacement need to be made, there will be time to complete them and your heating will not be compromised by any downtime.

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