Appreciate the Benefits of Geothermal for your Home

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Lower Cost of Ownership

+ Geo systems last longer than traditional systems

+ Drastically reduced HVAC related utility bills

+ Lower cost of replacement


Hot Water Assist

+ Also provide hot water for your home


Typically Require Less Maintenance

+ All equipment is indoors not exposed to the weather

+ No more boilers, oil, and seasonal shutdowns and startups


Safer, Cleaner, and Quieter

+ Use sustainable energy

+ Reduce fossil fuel consumption & greenhouse gasses

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No yard too big or too small*

There are several ways to install the ground loop. One method is by installing the loop horizontally. Horizontal loops are not deep, but require more yard square footage.

Another method is installing vertical loops. These loops require less square footage and are drilled down to nearly 300 feet.


For either method, the ground loop is brought into the house below grade. The loop is filled with a water and an anti-freezing agent, while the air is vented out.

The geothermal heating and air conditioning equipment is then installed inside the home, either in the basement or in another designated area.

 *within certain limits.


Why WaterFurnace?

WaterFurnace is an industry leader in the Geothermal equipment market. They have a long history of engineering and producing geothermal heating and air conditioning equipment. In fact, not only does Water Furnace produce high quality geothermal equipment for homes, it is also a part of a larger company that also continues to make a huge and significant impact in the commercial sector.

WaterFurnace equipment is tried and true and has proven itself to customers and heating and air conditioning contractors.


Let’s Build Something Together

Let us help you do the math comparing energy usage of your traditional hvac system vs. a geothermal system. We will prepare a comparison analysis using real data, including your energy rates, system efficiency specifications, and load calculations for your home.

In the meantime, read about the 7 Series variable speed WaterFurnace system by clicking the button below. 

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