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The Path to Your New Geothermal System

Just a few steps

Hire Your Contractor

First select a contractor to install geothermal in your home.


Remove your existing Heating and Cooling Equipment.

Install Ground Loop

Drill and install the Ground Loop.

Install New Equipment

Install the new Geothermal equipment inside Your Home.

1. Hire Your Contractor.

Your Geothermal installing contractor will guide you through the process of installing your new geothermal heating and cooling system. As part of that process, they will ask a series of questions to understand what heating and cooling requirements you have and then work to select, size, and design the system that suits your needs. Your contractor will also discuss with you how the system will be installed, the time frame for completion, and the information you need to operate and use your new geothermal system.

2. Remove your existing Heating and Cooling Equipment.

If you are replacing an existing heating and cooling system, your contractor will coordinate with you on removing the equipment to make room for the new Geothermal unit. This can involve disconnecting and securing gas or oil piping, electrical wires, and duct work. The space will be prepared for the installation of the new system.

3. Drill and install the Ground Loop.

Based on the advise of your contractor, the location and type of your ground loop will be chosen. If you have a large yard, you may elect to go with a horizontal loop. Digging a wide trench will be required for this type of loop just deep enough to reach a point that always maintains 50-55F temperatures all year round. Drilling will be required with smaller yards so that the loop water will travel down past 300ft of ground and back. This loop will be routed up into your home and pressurized with water and a non-freezing agent and flushed until all the air and sediment is extracted.

4. Install the new Geothermal equipment inside Your Home.

Installation of the indoor geothermal unit and pump center is when the system all comes together. The electrical is hooked up, the air ducting is installed, and the ancillary optional components are finalized. Options may include hot water assist, radiant heating, baseboard heating, humidifiers, electronic air filters, etc. This is the stage when the ground loop is connected to the the geothermal unit as well. The controls and thermostat is put in place and the contractor performs a startup commissioning of the new system. Once everything passes initial startup, the contractor will provide a demonstration for the homeowner.

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