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Traditional Ducted Systems

We install and service all residential brands

     We are not Brand Loyal

We are Loyal to You not a Brand

We do not advertise with or associate with one brand or manufacturer. We are not bound to sell any amount of a particular manufacturer’s system per year. Therefore, we are never under pressure to sell replacement jobs in order to meet a sales quota with a certain brand.

We are open to offer you any brand. Having the capacity to offer any brand allows us to provide you the exact match you need that meets your system requirements and your budget!

High SEER +efficiency

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Explain the benefits of installing a high efficiency system.

Remember, we can:

Install any brand system you like.

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Help you choose the best solution for your home.

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We are an accredited

ABC Contractor

Ductless Systems

Mini Splits

Great for older houses where metal ducting will not fit or to treat areas separated from the central system. 

Outdoor units take up a narrow footprint and are super quiet.


We also install accessory devices for your heating and air conditioning system.

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We are OPEN for business but PLEASE READ: Coronavirus Announcement

Coronavirus Update

Dear All-Air Systems Customer,

The health of our customers and our team are our top priority. The recent spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt many facets of our lives and has caused many changes in the way businesses operate.

Our team works diligently every day to provide a clean and comfortable environment for our customers, therefore our operations remain largely unchanged. With the heightened threat of COVID-19, we are requiring our employees to regularly wash hands and use hand sanitizer. Good health and safety are not new concepts to All-Air Systems. The only change is the frequency in which we wash and disinfect to ensure we are minimizing the potential for the spread of the virus.

All our dedicated team members have been instructed to monitor their own health very closely. If a team member is showing any symptoms of any illness, they have been advised to seek medical attention and treatment and not to report to work until their symptoms have resolved.

If you fear you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are concerned about your personal health and have an upcoming appointment, please let us know. You may reach us at our office at 410-877-6100, via email at or through our website at

Lastly, we are unsure of the long term impact to the global supply chain due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As of today, we are not experiencing any product or equipment shortages. We will work directly with our manufacturers and distributors and will notify our customers if potential shortages become apparent.

As we approach our busy season we will continue to work diligently to provide the quality of service to which you have grown accustomed. Rest assured you can count on us for all of your HVAC service and replacement needs.

Wishing you the best of health!

Andrew Knicley
All-Air Systems