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Furnace Repair Services

We Repair Furnaces for Home Heating

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces have unique operating components that keep them running smooth. They also have many parts that operate together to ensure a conrolled flame ignition and keep your family safe.

Let our technicians troubleshoot which component(s) are causing your gas furnace from heating. They have recevied factory training on the proper way of performing tests to pinpoint the problem.

Oil Fired Furnaces

There are several components with oil furnaces that may fail. The failure is sometimes premature and sometimes due to prolonged use without routine checks.

Our technicians have the training and experience to diagnose why your furnace is not heating. They will advise you of the problem and are prepared to make the necessary repairs to get your heat working again.

Read our Blog article here to learn about the importance of taking combustion readings.

Technician performing furnace repair

Why a Furnace Stops Heating

Image to show reader a furnace while reading causes of no heating
Common Causes

A few common examples of things causing your furnace system from not heating requiring professional repair include:

Electrical power supply problems


Tripped breaker


Blown fuses


Faulty wiring


A bad switch

A bad component causing a safety to trip and preventing the furnace from running


Flame sensor


Fan proving switch


Hi temperature / limit switches

Problems with the fuel side, including:


lack of fuel


dirty fuel


bad gas valve or bad oil burner components

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