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The Value of Routine Maintenance

Maintenance without a reason is a waste of time. What makes maintenance worth it is that it is preventative. In other words, a routine scheduled maintenance is designed to prevent the occurrence of break downs and costly emergency service calls and repairs.

Just like how the owner’s manual for your vehicle tells you when to perform maintenance on your car, so to does the manufacturer of your air conditioning and heating equipment.

Some maintenance tasks take minimal effort and expertise such as changing air filters. Most other tasks require trade knowledge, experience, and tools that only a certified technician will have.

Having a certified technician perform the preventative maintenance on the system gives the homeowner great value:

1. All the major system components have been given a thorough inspection ensuring that there are no existing signs of a problem.

2. The system has been switched over and is now ready to operate throughout the season.

3. The longevity of the system will likely be increased.

4. The warranty will be preserved to help in the event a part does fail during the covered period.

The greatest value of all is that the homeowner gains peace of mind knowing that the system will likely make it through the season with no major  unforeseen problems.

Following or Exceeding Industry Standards

When performing preventative maintenance on any system, we follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and also follow national industry standards as outlined by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) in its Standard 4 “Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems”.

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