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Water Heater Installation Services

We provide Complete Water Heater Replacement Services

Call us and leave it to the experts. We provide complete turnkey services for the removal and replacement of your water heater. We install every type of water heater for homes, including:


Electric water heaters


Gas water heaters


Propane water heaters


Oil burner water heaters


Heat Pump water heaters


Tankless water heaters


Combi boiler water heaters

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Electric water heater

Electric Water Heaters

Leave the work to us. Relax knowing that a skilled professional installed your new electric water heater.

If the wiring or breaker for your water heater needs repair – we have you covered as well. We will properly size the correct wire and/or replace the breaker as part of the installation.

Our installation technicians will set your water heater temperature and adjust your expansion tank according to your incoming water pressure. They will also clean after themselves, wipe down all work surfaces, solder connections, and confirm that there are no water leaks and that the water heater is producing hot water.

As part of completing the installation, our technicians will also walk you through the new water heater and show you the new components to the hot water system.

Fossil Fuel Water Heaters

Our professional water heater installation experts also replace and install gas, propane, and oil fired water heaters.

Oil Burner water heaters 
We offer same day service with installation of oil fired water heaters. This includes delivery of your new water heater, removal and hauling away of your old water heater, and complete installation of the new heater. Included in the installation is connection of the flue, water piping, a new cold water ball valve, expansion tank, burner, aquastat, relief, and drain pan.

Gas / Propane water heaters
Our skilled water heater technicians also perform gas piping work. This includes gas piping repairs, replacements, installing additional gas piping runs, valves, regulators, and final gas connections to water heaters in accordance with local code.

We perform combustion readings with every installation and check for proper flue operation and carbon monoxide safety.

Oil burner water heater
Heat pump water heater

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are high efficiency water heaters. They consume less electricity to heat water than standard electric only systems. Heat pump water heaters have a higher coefficient of performance (COP). More notably, they have a higher Energy Factor (EF). In other words, for every dollar you spend in electricity, you receive a larger amount of heating.

On average, an electric water heater has an EF of just below 1. A heat pump water heater has an EF of 2 to 2.5. This means that a heat pump water heaters heat over twice as much water as you would get from a standard electric water heater with the same electric input.

Standard electric water heaters use electricity to directly heat the water. This is known as resistive heating and is the most expensive type of heating.

Heat pump water heaters, on the other hand, use the refrigeration process to heat water. Just as a heat pump is used to heat a house, there is a small heat pump on the water heater that heats the water. Essentially, it is like a refrigerator running in reverse.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you are replacing your standard tank water heater, you should consider switching over to tankless water heating technology.

Benefits of tankless water heaters:


Endless hot water


Only make hot water as you use it


Energy savings = lower electric bills – up to 0.96 UEF compared to most tank water heaters with a UEF of only .58 to .68


Longer life expectancy


Less maintenance


Save space

Contact us and let one of our tankless water heater specialists guide you through your options. Call us or schedule a visit.

Tankless water heater
Energy Kinetics Combi Ascent boiler

Example Combi Boiler – The Energy Kinetics Ascent Combi steel boilers we install.

Combi Boiler Water Heaters

If you are already heating your house with a boiler, it makes sense to consider replacing your old boiler with a combi boiler. Utilize the boiler to heat your home and make your domestic hot water.

Today’s technologies with combi boilers allows you to choose between non-condensing and condensing types. The condensing type boilers produce higher efficiencies and savings on your electricity bill. These types required gas or propane.

But even with oil, boiler technologies have driven the AFUE (efficiency) rating well above what yesterday’s boilers commanded. Today’s oil boilers rate at up to 92% efficient!

And these same boilers can also be used to produce comfortable hot water at reduced costs.

Here at All-Air Systems, our professional heating specialists can help you better understand your options with the different combi boilers on the market. Call now.


Indirect Water Heaters

We install tank style indirect water heaters. Call for more information on our pricing to replace an existing indirect or if you are considering adding one to your existing boiler system for stored hot water.

Types of indirect water heater system we install:


30 – 50 gallon


aquastat control


can be tied into a zone controller


can be set up to have priority over your heating zones


can be operated by zone valves or by circulator


thick insulation for long temperature holding periods

Tankless water heater

Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Protect your Investment

We recommend annual water heater maintenance by a trained water heater professional to check for leaks, potential issues, and to flush your heater to prevent scale buildup. Scale build up reduces the life expectancy of your water heater by causing leaks and blockages. As important is the compounding reduction in the amount of heat output as scale forms between maintenances. This has a negative effect on efficiency of the system and your level of comfort from consistent hot water.

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