You Just Moved in and Realized that the Furnace is Old

So congratulations! You recently purchased and moved in to your “new” home.

Perhaps at some point you realized that the furnace is far from new. It has an old faded color to it and there are spots of rust from the many years of service. Despite its apparent age and condition, the furnace turns on and it blows warm air out of the registers. Although maybe not at the forefront of your worries, you have wondered when it should be replaced. That is a good question.

It continues to run and heat your home, but it is old and at some point it will stop working. Another concern is that it could be presenting a danger to the house and its occupants. When the heat exchanger inside develops cracks, carbon monoxide could be introduced into the main air stream and into the rooms in your house. Although a carbon monoxide detector can be used to safeguard your family, it will only alarm at certain levels. Then you wonder if it is okay to breath in reduced levels.

Purchasing a new central heating system is the last thing you want to do after purchasing a home. Our recommendation is to keep it simple and take this one step at a time. There is no need to replace the furnace right away. It makes sense to schedule with an HVAC company to come and perform what is known as a “heating inspection”. The technician will make sure the furnace is operating safely. An inspection will include a full look at how the furnace is operating, going through a checklist of items. Performance data will be recorded. This includes making sure the heat exchanger does not have any cracks, checking safety shutoff devices, taking combustion readings, air flow measurements, and conducting electrical checks. A simple heating repair may be all that is needed.

It very well may be that despite its lackluster appearance, the furnace is still running safely and that your worries can be put to rest. Perhaps replacement can be put off a year or two. When your primary concern is to put your money in to other things, this course of action works. And the cost of a heating inspection is inexpensive. A few extra years gives you time to budget and save so when it is time to replace, you are ready. It can also provide you with great peace of mind and there is value in that.

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